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Dear Sirs,

We are currently looking for a corporate business partner in the PRC which would supply their products to our stores in the Primorsky Territory on a 'to-the-shelf' basis.

We are currently considering this pattern for our operations in the Primorsky Territory; later on, we would like to roll out this experience throughout the territory of the Russian Federation where our stores are operating.

Now, we are ready to purchase products in the PRC via a corporate PRC-based business partner for the amount of 66 563 EUR. every month. Later on, we are ready to increase this figure to as much as 332 815 EUR. per month.

In our opinion, the following pattern will be optimal:

1. Our corporate business partner assumes the total responsibility for one of the product groups (product groups are detailed below).

2. We provide information on which products in this product group are of interest to our customers.

3. We agree the pricing policy with our corporate business partner.

4. Our corporate business partner is in charge of purchasing the necessary products and storing them in a trade&logistics center located in the territory of the PRC (Hunchun or Suifenhe).

5. Our corporate business partner receives the latest information on Shintop's demand for certain products online.

6. Based on the data received, our corporate business partner forms a batch of products to be sent to Russia (approximately once in two weeks).

7. Shintop pays for the products to the corporate business partner.

8. The corporate business partner delivers the goods from the trade&logistics center located in the territory of the PRC (Hunchun or Suifenhe) to each Shintop's store located in the Primorsky Territory.

This pattern of cooperation gives the corporate business partner an opportunity to influence the sales of the products supplied to Shintop, due to the expansion of the product range, capturing of new product groups etc.

If you are interested in this proposal, we are ready to discuss this project in detail.

Alexander Kholyanov,

Projects Director, Shintop